Android Accessibility Posts

Accessibility ROI & Corporate Responsibility

By Mark Miller on July 19, 2013

I was interviewing the owner of a large web design firm on my radio show, Seacoast Business Connections and the topic of accessibility came up. As my guest was explaining to me that his firm makes a point of designing with accessibility in mind even if the client is not concerned with it, his twin boys, both of whom were born with cerebral palsy (CP), played in the lobby just on the other side of the studio’s large glass window.

Mobile Accessibility Examples from Implementing UAAG 2.0

By Talyah Aviran on July 5, 2013

Background The User Agent Accessibility Guidelines (UAAG) serve as a guide to developers and user-agent vendors.  It outlines the process for making Web browsers, media players, and assistive technologies (software that some people with disabilities use in interacting with computers) accessible to people with disabilities.

Mini Dragon Unveiled

By Kathy Wahlbin on June 26, 2013

Nuance announced yesterday that they have launched their new version of Dragon Mobile Assistant for Android. For users with difficulty using their hands to interact with touch screens – whether that is because their hands are busy doing something else like driving or carrying groceries or because they have a mobility impairment, this new app will allow users to ask questions as they would of SIRI on iOS (they can even launch the assistant...

Edge Inspect: Developing Mobile Sites with Accessibility in Mind

By Kathy Wahlbin on February 8, 2013

Adobe Edge Inspect has been around for a while but the latest accessibility upgrades will be a breath of fresh air for accessibility professionals.  Adobe, as a provider of developer tools, recognizes that accessibility is not a concept that just opens doors for users with disabilities. Accessibility is actually a concept which improves the user experience for everyone.  At Adobe this includes the development experience for developers and...