The Cognitive Accessibility Task Force is now open to Participants


The Cognitive Accessibility Task Force (Cognitive A11Y TF), a joint Task Force of the Protocols and Formats Working Group (PFWG) and the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines Working Group (WCAG WG), is fully approved and currently forming. People can join The Cognitive A11yTF, which meets by teleconference and periodic face-to-face meetings.

Current work includes:

  • Identify related work inside and outside of the W3C;
  • Review existing techniques and propose new features where needed;
  • Gather information on different related technologies and techniques including where techniques in support of cognitive and learning disabled users may conflict with what is needed for other users;
  • Build a repository of related research into cognition and disabilities;
  • Build a  use case repository to describe different cognitive disabilities and scenarios for how persons with atypical ability profiles use technology successfully or unsuccessfully;
  • Make predictions of where technology is headed;
  • Identify stakeholders, from whom the task force can solicit ongoing feedback;
  • Document business cases and identify areas of resistance, risks and opportunities.

To qualify to join the task force, individuals must be participants of the PFWG or the WCAG WG. Anyone who joins is expected to contribute to the work, which includes:

  • Minimum 4 hours per week of Cognitive A11Y TF work (this time also counts towards the individual's participation requirement in the sponsoring WG through which they have joined);
  • Remain current on the Cognitive Accessibility Task Force mailing list and respond in a timely manner to postings;
  • Participate in Cognitive Accessibility Task Force telephone meetings, or send regrets to the Task Force mailing list.

Read more information on joining the Cognitive A11Y TF.

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