AT Compatibility Testing

Ensure that your product works with assistive technology

Assistive technology (AT) is a term that describes the tools that people with disabilities use to access websites and applications. To ensure compatibility between the assistive technology and your product, Interactive Accessibility will confirm that assistive technology can work with the product and that the product is usable for people with disabilities. 

Interactive Accessibility will test your product using the tools and browser combinations that are used by people with disabilities.  Assistive technology compatibility testing is carried out by our expert accessibility consultants and by people with disabilities who use these assistive technology products daily.

The focus of the compatibility testing will be on the features that are used most frequently by users with disabilities and the main functions within the product.

Assistive Technology Testing

We will work with you to determine the recommended text matrix of assistive technology, operating system and browser combinations based on your target audience, current analytics and industry trends. We offer compatibility testing on the following products for PC, MAC, iOS and Android operating systems with the following assistive technology:

Screen Readers

Screen readers are software programs that users who are blind or who have low vision use to produce an auditory version of what is on the screen. These programs transform the code behind the visual user interface into synthesized speech.

The screen reader programs run on desktop computers, laptops, tablets and on mobile phones.

Screen Magnifiers

Screen magnifiers are those tools that enlarge the screen resolution to make it easier to see for those users with low vision. These tools also offer the end user the option to change the mouse cursor and adjusting the color and contrast settings. There are a number of tools available - some are built into the PC, MAC or mobile phone operating system and some are paid programs.

Speech Input

Speech input programs are speech recognition programs that allow users with mobility impairments to control the PC or mobile device with speech command and dictate text. These tools also help users with dsylexia and learning disabilities by allowing text dictation eliminating the frustration of typing and spelling mistakes.

  • Dragon Naturally Speaking
  • Siri on iOS devices

Alternative Input Devices

Users with mobile impairments may use other devices to control the computer without the use of the mouse. There are many different types of these devices but they all mimic the keyboard input so testing for these type of devices is focused on ensuring that the program works with the keyboard and touch navigation. Specifically, we can test with:

  • On-screen keyboards
  • Keyboard with Sticky Keys, Toggle Keys and Filter Keys
  • Touch / gesture navigation

Text to Speech Learning Tools

Text to speech learning tools provide a suite of tools to help users with learning disabilities and English language learners (ELL) who struggle with reading comprehension.

  • Kurzweil 3000 and firefly
  • Read & Write Gold
  • Natural Reader

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