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PDF documents can present some special problems for accessibility but a variety of techniques are available, either in the original authoring tool or in Adobe tools, for ensuring accessibility.

A document that passes the Adobe full accessibility check could still be difficult for a person with disabilities to use and might not meet accessibility guidelines and best practices. Interactive Accessibility goes beyond the automated check to look at the following:

  • Content order for reflow and testing at 200% magnification with reflow
  • Tag structure for content reading order
  • Appropriate use of document structure in tags
  • Appropriate handling of images and their alternative text
  • Correct and appropriate tagging and labeling of form fields, and correct tab order in forms
  • Proper tagging of links, lists and tables to ensure proper reading of content for screen reader users
  • Verify that no content splits between tags to allow easier navigation for assistive technology users

"Interactive Accessibility handled the PDFs on our site, training our designers in how to make them accessible and stepping in to do the work when our deadline required it. They tackled everything we threw at them with good cheer, and handled our tight turnaround times and weekend work requests with a collaborative and generous spirit. The end result looks great and is fully accessible to boot! I would highly recommend Interactive Accessibility to anyone looking for excellent accessibility consulting and/or training services.
— Wendy Ellyn, Content Director

How do we achieve PDF accessibility?

Interactive Accessibility follows the Section 508 standards and WCAG 2.0 accessibility guidelines as they apply to documents.  If required, the PDF accessibility checklist published by the United States Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) will be supplied.

We ensure PDF accessibility using:

  • Adobe Acrobat Quick Accessibility Check
  • Adobe Acrobat Full Accessibility
  • Adobe Read-Aloud
  • Screen readers such as JAWS
  • Third-party verification tools, as appropriate

In addition we can:

  • Advise content authors on remediation methods
  • Train authors in techniques for improving document accessibility
  • Perform regular audits of documents to ensure on-going accessibility
  • Provide help desk support 
  • Augment your staff when you need additional help

When should we make PDF documents accessible?

Document accessibility evaluation and remediation can be performed at any point during your project, including early planning, design, creation or testing.  We understand that development schedules are often predetermined so we collaborate with you to realistically plan the project.   Based on this information, we help you develop an accessibility strategy that works to meet your goals.  

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