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9 Reasons to Partner with Interactive Accessibility

We’re Accessibility Experts

Internationally recognized, we are respected members of the accessibility community and are active in the W3C WCAG 2.0 Working Group and WCAG 2.0 Evaluation Methodology Task Force. We focus solely on accessibility. We know the compliance laws and best practices intimately.

Proven Track Record

Our team delivers independent and accurate accessibility reviews, useful to development teams, management, and testers.  Our custom training classes earn consistently high marks from students and management. We have audited and remediated hundreds of websites, applications, and documents for accessibility, often on aggressive schedules. We focus on delivering high-quality work, on time and on budget.

We Are Approachable and We Listen

We enjoy collaborating with clients to lower the accessibility barriers. We work directly and closely with our clients to help your whole team understand what accessibility means and to continue incorporating it into your organization.;

Knowledge Sharing

We believe that your success reflects our ability to make your teams self-sufficient. We structure our projects to work with your teams to ensure that they understand accessibility and technical methods for delivering accessible solutions.  By sharing our expertise, we help build self-sufficient teams.

We Strive to Exceed Your Expectations

We value our clients and work to be flexible and responsive to their needs to produce superior results. Our clients overwhelmingly appreciate the high quality work we produce and the excellent customer service we provide.

We Love What We Do

We love our work and are passionate about creating a world where everyone has equal access to information and applications, whether they browse social media platforms, mobile devices, email, newsletters or desktop applications.

We Provide Cost-Effective Solutions

We understand that accessibility is one of numerous objectives that compete for development resources. Keeping compliance and our experience with user testing in mind, we work with you to prioritize remediation tasks and enhancements. Some compliance tasks are mandatory while others, though recommended or beneficial, might be deferred to a second phase. Through all stages of a project, from scoping work with you to estimating effort to implementing the solution, our goal is to provide cost-effective solutions for your business.

Technology and Software Vendor Agnostic

We are technology, software and tool independent. We tailor solutions to meet any business need without bias.

We Focus on Client Satisfaction

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