Edge Inspect: Developing Mobile Sites with Accessibility in Mind

Adobe Edge Inspect has been around for a while but the latest accessibility upgrades will be a breath of fresh air for accessibility professionals.  Adobe, as a provider of developer tools, recognizes that accessibility is not a concept that just opens doors for users with disabilities. Accessibility is actually a concept which improves the user experience for everyone.  At Adobe this includes the development experience for developers and testers.

Edge Inspect allows a developer or tester to preview and inspect web designs on different types of  devices.  Accessibility features on each device can be tested and developers can see real-time displays as code enhancements are made.  The synchronization puts accessibility front and center in the development process making it an integral part of new/revisited programs.  Instead of being an afterthought, including accessibility can now be a habit for developers and testers.

The features include:

  • Synchronized browsing and refreshing – wirelessly pair multiple iOS and Android devices to your computer
  • Remote inspection
  • Ability to take screenshots from all of your connected devices
  • Hide/show Edge Inspect UI on devices
  • Support for
    • Localhost URL
    • HTTP authentication
    • Cache management
    • HTTPS
    • Amazon Kindle Fire
  • URL monitoring

For more information on Adobe Edge Inspect, please see:

Adobe has been a leader in the Accessibility field  for many years helping shape our industry standards and setting the bar high for other multi-national firms.  We applaud their on-going efforts to blend Accessibility into their products and culture.


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