Mobility Impairments Posts

Boy Makes Others Laugh at His Disability

By Rosemary Musachio on April 25, 2013

When other people laugh at Jack Carroll’s disability, he does not become angry or embarrassed. In fact, he instigates the laughter. Jack, a fourteen-year-old school boy who has cerebral palsy, already knows what makes a comedy act successful. According to the young comedy genius, “in comedy your weaknesses are your strengths”. If you see his comedy act, you’d definitely agree…while laughing.

Windows Accessibility Features for Persons with Dexterity Disabilities

By Rosemary Musachio on March 3, 2013

Persons with dexterity disabilities may have little or no motor control in their hands to perform daily tasks. Many of them (including yours truly) still can operate the computer using one hand, one foot, eyes, a headpointer or a mouth stick. Adaptive keyboards and switches can facilitate persons with dexterity impairments to use computers. Accessibility features in an operating system can further enable users who cannot use their hands to type...