Legal Compliance for Product Accessibility

Our thought leadership and expertise in accessibility is internationally-recognized and we leverage it to help you lead your industry, reach new audiences, gain opportunities and reduce legal exposure.

Interactive Accessibility will help you understand the laws for website and web application accessibility.

"Interactive Accessibility (IA) and their team have done a fantastic job in helping our company achieve ADA compliance in our digital media. In a world and industry where ADA accessibility is becoming ever present to both businesses and the individual consumer, we are investing in our media to make our services available to all persons and appreciate IA’s guidance through this process. IA offers a variety of services and has provided excellent customer service and support. I encourage any company and/or individual to work with IA for your accessibility needs."
— Operations Manager at a leading hotel management company in California

Accessibility Compliance Services for ADA, Section 508 and WCAG 2.0

We can help you minimize your legal risks and help you increase sales to government markets.  Our evaluations and services include:

  • Identifying any compliance issues against the standards and laws applicable to your organization
  • Documenting the level of accessibility
  • Educating your staff as needed on the standards and laws
  • Helping you maintain accessibility compliance over time

How do organizations comply with Section 508, ADA and WCAG 2.0?

Interactive Accessibility achieves compliance for our clients through a multi-step process:

  1. Conduct an accessibility audit of your website or application.  For some clients it is beneficial at this point to generate a VPAT® regardless of the level of compliance.
  2. Suggest an overall strategy for achieving compliance that works for your product and your team
  3. Collaborate with your development and testing staff through the remediation process
  4. Answer questions about the standards and guidelines, and about the technical methods for correcting issues
  5. Correct compliance issues together with your team
  6. Provide feedback on the changes implemented by using targeted tests
  7. Verify compliance by testing a sample set of your website or application
  8. Document findings in a VPAT® or accessibility statement

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