Disability Community Outreach & Marketing

Harness the power of influence within the disability community to support your business goals.

We treat each of our clients as business partners, developing not just great marketing campaigns, but long-term strategies that deliver on marketing objectives and, even more important, on business goals.  You don’t just need a campaign that will grab the attention of consumers with disabilities; you need an overall strategy that will earn you their trust by proving that you understand them and meet their needs. We frequently see companies roll out expensive national campaigns to people with disabilities without first doing the research, planning and infrastructure development required to successfully do business with this powerful customer base.

Interactive Accessibility offers targeted marketing and social media programs that reach and resonate with the disability community while complementing and extending current communication efforts. Our digital media marketing specialists know how to reach those with the greatest influence to fuel word-of-mouth marketing within the disability community. Including people with disabilities in all aspects of the organization – clients, potential clients, suppliers, partners, vendors, employees and shareholders, can help you achieve greater shareholder value and brand awareness, and will extend your reach into an ever growing market of the disability community. We pride ourselves on our partnership and dedication to your business succeeding, and will work with you to define the metrics and success criteria that will show real ROI and positive impact to the bottom-line.

Marketing Services to People with Disabilities

  • Strategic Planning
    • Infrastructure Analysis and Preparation
    • Landscape Analysis
    • Focus Groups
    • Marketing Planning
  • Interactive Strategy & Online Marketing
  • Reputation Management & Crisis Management
  • People with Disabilities Sensitivity Training

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