What is Web Accessibility

Ensuring That Users of All Abilities Can Use Your Product

A product that is technically accessible might still be unusable, especially for people with disabilities using assistive technology.  Accessibility testing involves measuring the ease in which users can complete common tasks on your website.

Section 508 / WCAG 2.0 Gap Analysis to Gain Competitive Advantage and Reduce Legal Exposure

Our leadership and expertise in accessibility is recognized globally and we leverage it to help you lead your industry. We leave no stone unturned to ensure your success.

The internet has transformed the way we do business, learn, research, communicate, and spend our free time.

For business, a dynamic, user-friendly, and appealing online presence is imperative. When users can efficiently and effectively use your site, your bottom line benefits. So you want to make it accessible to all users, including those with disabilities.

Users interact with websites in different ways.  Some users may have minor difficulties accessing the Web and others may have more severe disabilities such as blindness, deafness, and paralysis.  For example:

Have you been told that you must make a PDF document accessible? Assuming that you are either an old hand at this process or have now learned what it means for a PDF to be accessible, you now face the task of actually doing the tags work in Acrobat. If you have done this before with any PDF of more than a few pages you know that it involves developing a process and then settling in for a fun time of clicking, typing, and dragging.


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